MMM Epilogue

CHAPTER 44    Epilogue

The last trial and how it went.

The story told here has no moral, ethical or legal dimension, most certainly no more than any other murder mystery. No attempt has been made to resolve or explain outcomes. However, the following historical tracking information is offered the reader to once again remark that the more things change, the more they stay the same. The cyclical nature of the human condition still seems to be, to never look back long enough to know where it’s going.

Sean O’Brien got an academic scholarship from the University of Washington, finished a BA in Political Science, went on to Law School. With a newly minted JD he spent some time Clerking for King County Superior Court and finally settled in as Chief Legal Officer for the United Tribes of the Northwest.

Randy Roadkill was late bloomer but matriculated to Washington State University and majored in Information Technology. After graduating with a Masters in AI data accumulation he was swept into the newly created U.S. Department of Combined Investigation Agency, formerly known as the FBI, CIA and DSA. While still in school he had earned an amazing reputation as a skilled hacker. With a pay grade of GS 12, his job title was Cybersecurity Analyst.

Edna Running Eagle with both sons off to college, came into her own. She started up the corporate ladder by working at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane. Through Gonzaga University, Sacred Heart had acquired a relationship with Washington State University and was specializing in Nurses Training. After a couple of years, she was hired as an adjunct professor. She designed and began teaching a very popular three credit, one-hour course, titled “Urgent Care in the ER”

DCI Ben Perrini, ran for the office of Sheriff and won. Always ready to self-promote, he opened a cold case, found and arrested a serial killer by the name of Gary Powers who had undetected was responsible for murdering forty-three prostitutes over the span of twenty years. Perrini’s next political move was to run for Congress. With the help of the Spokesman Review, he was elected and sworn in as the Honorable Benjamin Perrini representing the State of Washington.

Judge Maxillian Karl left the bench to run for Governor. After a rigorous and acrimonious campaign, he was outdistanced, out spent and defeated by a pro-business, global investment banker Manchurian candidate by the name of Menghis Khan. With his tail between his legs, Karl left public life to become a gentleman farmer in Colfax, WA.

Frank Fairweather took early retirement from the Prosecuting Attorney’s office. After finding and buying a rather palatial house boat on Lake Chelan, he had it towed up the lake to Stehekin and was enjoying the isolation and lack of human contact.

Dibley Jackson wanted no more of litigation. He opened a legal consulting firm serving only non-profit corporations and local charities. Most of his work and time was spent on the Boys and Girls Club and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Spokane County.

Virgil Fusner having to ultimately pay the price for his crime is in his tenth year of a life sentence without parole in the Maximum-Security prison on McNeil Island in South Puget Sound.  His days are filled with bird song and trying to write a memoir. He plans to call it, “Who Really Gives a Damn?”

Riago Restorini, always needing to have a dramatic ending, decided to end it all with his AR 16. Still living in his shanty in Clayton, sitting in the midst of paintings that had never been sold or exhibited, he put the barrel in his mouth and with a full clip on automatic pulled the trigger with his left big toe.

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