MMM chase parade


Approaching Restorini’s dinky house on the outskirts of Clayton, DI Ben Perrini, with the DP SWAT Team standing by, walked up to the dilapidated front door.

Insistent knocking to the accompaniment of, “Police” and a pause for response, followed by “Deer Park Police”, again. Louder this time.

When the door remained unopened he moved out to the gravel street. Armed with his trusty bullhorn Perinni, shouted. “This is the Police, Restorini.” Come out with your hands in the air and you will not be harmed.”

This too got no response. It was late afternoon and the sun was setting in the west edge of town. With dusk approaching they needed to speed this arrest up.

Bluffing and hoping to avoid a confrontation, Ben continued with,

“The place is surrounded. Give it up and come on out, now!”

Meanwhile inside the dumpy little house, things were moving quicker. Restorini grabbed the AK47 from under his sleeping bag on the cot he used for a bed. Gambling on calling the bluff, he darted out the back door and jumped into his old red Chevy pickup. Gunning the whining engine, he emptied the first clip for cover and broke through to the street and on to the highway.

The SWAT Team had been on smoke break. Perrini hadn’t anticipated this ballsy move. Taken by surprise all they were able to do was crouch for cover and wait to see what would happen next.

“Follow him. Don’t fire. I want him alive not dead.”

The Police vehicles quickly responded and with lights blazing and sirens blaring took off in pursuit. Except for the speed it could have been mistaken for after dark funeral procession.

With DI Perrini in front of the after-hours law enforcement part of the parade, Restorini sped south on SR395. He fired the AK47 at oncoming vehicles and anyone else that came into view. Doing a steady 65 accompanied by an occasional burst of fire the red pickup raced by Deer Park, Half Moon Prairie, Commelini’s Cutoff, Wandermere Golf Club and the Y without hitting anything.  The Junction with SR195 put it on track with North Division. At the Y the Spokane County Sheriff and 3 deputies cars joined in and at the city limits the Spokane Police joined the parade. Adjusting his speed to accommodate the cities speed signs, Restorini continued south on Division and turned left on East Sharp Avenue. One clip away from empty he stopped abruptly at the statue in front of Gonzaga University. At the end of his shooting rampage as the police closed in, Riago Restorini climbed the pedestal of the statue of St. Ignatius, the Jesuit founder of Gonzaga Preparatory School. Wrapping himself in the flag of Vatican he straightened his arm in a Fascist salute.

Restorini’s motive seemed to be to avenge the “blaspheming of the Papacy” In the Italian’s mind, he was a patriot. But to Roman Catholic leaders, progressive liberals and anti-fascist groups, he was a terrifying omen.

Getting him down off the statue didn’t take much effort.  He had lost his need to set an example of militant Roman Catholicism. Now in cuffs and disarmed he was at the mercy of the justice system.

Riago Restorini’s only crimes, other than firing his AK47 in public without hitting anything or anybody were talking too loud, bragging and painting unpopular subject matter. He hadn’t killed anyone. He had made his meta-religious point in spades and decided to let the rest of the world figure it out for themselves.

Finally relaxing in the Police cruiser, Restorini continued mumbling in Italian. He had never made a Novena before, but was thinking this might be a good time.



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