MMM transfer time


Sean and Randy after settling their daily disagreement of about who washes and who dries, burst out of the kitchen and back into action.

“Is he gone, Mom?”

Edna countered with, “Are you guys through in the kitchen?”

Always hungry Randy said “Done till lunch.”

Practical Sean’s question was, “Did he say when we can ride shotgun in the patrol cars again?”

“We didn’t talk about you two, this time, Sean. He’s still trying to find out who killed the dead guy in the orchard.”

“Did he tell you the dead guys’s name?”

“No. Just mostly talked in circles.  He still thinks we know more than we’ve already told him.”

“We’re all told out.”

“Right. But he looked happier when he left than when he got here.”

“What did you tell him, Mom?”

“I told him about a goof with a gun I met in the pub while you two were at the Banshee’s Bash. I’ll bet he went straight to the pub when he left here.”

“It’d be great if we got to go and help look for the gun.”

“Yahoo! Maybe those Ocifers will take us along like before, right Sean?”

Edna had long since tired of the murder investigation and the boys riding around in police cruisers. Perrini’s offer of teen age sitting services had worked well for as long as it lasted, but the boys had eventually gotten on the cop’s nerves. They had needed a couple of weeks off to get over it and back to their normal routine.

For the time being, the Running Eagle, O’Brien and Roadkill trio had exhausted the subject of dead bodies, guns and murder investigations. Edna was still in control and continued.

“I’ve been looking into transferring both of you to Deer Park High for second semester.”

“Whoa! Waita minute.”

“What the fuck?”

“Watch your mouth!  Pay attention! I’ve been talking to folks at work about the idea and they think it’s a good one.”

“Sorry, Mom But why is that a good idea?”

“First off, it’s where I work and that school has a good reputation. Most of the staff at the Hospital who have kids and live in town say it’s as good as you can find in a small town.

Pausing for breath and added dramatic tension, Edna’s pitch is interrupted by Randy.

“What about our buddies in Wellpinit?”

“Keep ‘em, Randy. Just add some new ones. Bigger pond, more fish, OK?”

Sean adding his seasoning to the pot, butted in.

“I get it. You want us to be small fish in a big pond, not big fish in a small pond.”

Edna rambled on. “More variety of classes to choose from. Small class size, great student-teacher ratio and more choices; 11man football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis and I think they even have a golf and bowling team.”

Neither of the boys had an immediate rebuttal.

“I didn’t bring this up for a family discussion. You guys argue about everything.”

“It all starts when he hits me back Mom.” pouts Randy.

“Did not!”

“Did too!!”

“Look. It’s time for me to make an executive decision, since I’m the only one around here paying the bills. So . . . .


“I’m starting a week on swing shift Monday. So I’m taking you two to the High School to transfer and register for classes. On my way to work. Over done with! Got it?”

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