MMM goes around and around


When Edna told Sean that he and Randy could actually ride around in a cop car, he got excited. His imagination sparked with siren, rotating lights and a high-speed chase. It didn’t include a crash, explosion and the obligatory ambulance and EMT crew. Randy on the other hand, remembering being the target of his brother’s BB gun was less enthused.

All things considered and encouraged by their mother, they decided to give the detective’s offer of teenage supervision a try.

After school on Wednesday, the boys reported to the desk sergeant at Police HQ ready to sign in and ride shotgun for their first tour of duty. The two patrol officers on duty flipped a coin to see who would get saddled with the boys. After three tosses and to break a tie they finally agreed to each take one.

“OK. What’s your name kid?”

“Randy Roadkill.”



“Well I’m Officer Elias Fancher. Call me “L” for short.  We’re in the Black and White DPPD marked C 8 outside. We’ll prowl the North end today. Your brother can ride with George in C 9.”

“Okey Dokey, Smokey.”

“Try not to be a smartass, Roadkill. Mount up. We’ve got a route to run.”

As the first Police Cruiser pulled out the other officer picked up the indoctrination strand.

“The log says you’re Sean O’Toole. Are you guys brothers?”

“Same mother, different fathers. You got a problem with that?”

“Definitely not. That’s kinda normal now days, right?”


“Good. OK Sean, since we’re going to be on patrol together, you need to know I’m Officer George Mullenix.  If things get too exciting for you, call me George.”

“When things get hot, I’m usually pretty cool, Officer.

“I guess we’ll find out. We’ll run the Southwest quadrant first.”

“What’s a quadrant?”

“Haven’t you guys had any geometry yet?”

“No. What’s school got to do with this job?”

“It sounds like you’ve got a lot to learn, Buddy. I’ll draw you a picture when we get back. Just read the street signs.

“It would be easier if I could see it.”

“It means four directions, like NW, NE, SW and SE.”

“That sounds like some kind of code.”

“When we finish cruising the neighborhood, I’ll show you one on the wall. Right now, we need to get a move on.”

Underway, Police Cruiser C 9 left City Hall on East Crawford heading West. A couple of blocks brought them to the main crossroad intersection of Deer Park. Turning South on Main, Sean started reading the street signs. After a couple of blocks, he discovered that early residents in a creative splurge had named the intersecting streets in alphabetical order. When they got to H street, Officer Mullenix turned left. Since this was the most recently annexed part of town the street was being newly paved. The oil was fresh and sticking to the tires. Thanks to recent City Council’s vote to impose a LID on the owners of the lots and houses in that part of town, the smell, mess and aggravating sound was an added benefit.
The radio crackled with, “Charlie Niner come in.”

Pointing at Sean, Mullinix said, “Let ‘em know we’re listening.”

“What do I say?”

“Charlie Niner here.”

Sean’s’ parroting, brought, Randy’s,

Charlie Eight here. Not much goin’ on in the North end. Just the usual, garbage trucks onschedule, no kids or bikes in the street so far.  What’s up in the South end?, over”

Mullenix responded this time.

“Same-oh, same-oh on this end, Charlie Niner, over.”

Fancher’s two-cents jumped in,

“Coffee and donuts have left us in need of a public convenience, so we’re going 10-7 to relieve the situation. We’ll be on monitor if you need backup. Check back in when we’re able. Over and out.”

“Roger that.”

Without missing a beat, Officer Mullenix continued with, “Hey, Dispatch. Are you awake?”

“No, but I’m not asleep. No calls. It’s been pretty dead and that’s the way we like it, over”

“Right. We’re about half done. We’re headed up past the water tower and over on to Weber. We’ll buzz back South now and prowl the Southeast quad.”

Dispatch crackled in again, “Ben just yelled, he says, check out the parking lots at the High School and the Sports Complex.”

“Tell him it’s on the bottom of our list. If we find anything, he’ll be the first to know, Charlie Niner, over and out.”






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