MMM looking for a lead


Answering the page, Edna walked into the Emergency Room and was met by two detectives with badges and ID in hand. At 2:45 PM the shoot from the hip impromptu Q & A session began.

“I’m Ben Perrini, Deer Park Police DI and this is Sergeant Mac McKenzie, RCMP. We’d like a moment.”

“So, what’s on your minds?”

“Well for starters, are you Mrs. Running Eagle or Mrs. Roadkill?”

“It’s Nurse Running Eagle and except for smelling like cigarette smoke, you both look fairly healthy. What are you doing in the Emergency Room?”

“We’re investigating a death in the dead orchard. The names Running Eagle and Roadkill have come up. Phone number on the 911 transcript.”

“Well, as I said. My name is Running Eagle and Roadkill is the name of one of my sons. Randy is 14. His brother, Sean is 15. We have an ATT mobile family plan. Does that answer your questions?”

“Good to know, but not entirely. The Roadkill phone reported the found body but left before EMT and the Chief got there. Did your sons tell you anything that would help identify the body?”

“They were late being picked up at the orchard, so we took off for home in a rush. When I asked for an explanation, they mentioned finding a body. Both were scared. Sorta PSTSed by the sight. I had to pry it out of them.”


“It was under a blanket. Randy said he thought it might be from the reservation, but no one he recognized.”


“Sean said something about a brown T-shirt with a logo on it.”

“What logo?”

“He said it looked like maybe a Nazi sign in a circle.”

“You mean a swastika?”

“Yeah. In a circle.”

“Anything else?

“Camouflage cargo fatigue pants and combat boots.”

“What else were you able to pry out of ‘em?”

“The eyes were open.”

“Right, not uncommon for a corpse.”

Butting in, Mac asked, “Was it an Indian or not?”

“The boys thought it was. You’ve got the corpse. What do you think?”

“It’s at the Medical examiners. We’re waiting for the report, identity, cause, time of death, all the legal details.”

“OK then, are we through here? I’ve got bedpans to empty, rounds to make and patients ringing in for God knows what next.”

“We need to talk to your boys. When can we do that?

“I get off at four o’clock. Pick’em up about a half hour later.”

“That’ll work for us. Just stop by City Hall and the Police Station. If you’re not there by five, we’ll come looking for you.”

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