MMM discovery revealed


On the drive back to Wellpinit, the unusual silence was deafening. Missing the normal inane banter from the back seat, Edna broke the ice with,

“So what did you guys do today that took so damn long? Find something to shoot at?”

After a nervous, threatening sideways scowl from Sean and faced with a possibility of truth and consequences, Randy chose a diversion.

“Sean hit me in the eye.”

“Did not!”

“Did too, . . . almost!”

Braking to a shoulder stop, Edna leaned over the back of the seat.

“Show me, Randy. Let’s see your face . . . Nothing new! No damage done, I guess. . . I warned both of you about that.”

Pulling the Camaro back on the road, Edna breathed a sigh of relief and headed for home again. Mulling over the strain of yet another stressful day shift in the ER, her Mother’s intuition told her that the boys shooting each other just might be the least of her worries.

“Anything else I need to hear about?”

“It was my phone, Sean. Better tell her.”

“We found a body in the orchard and Randy called 911, Mom.”

“Yeah, that’s right, and, – and, – and Sean said we should run like hell so we did and that’s why we were late.”

“What did 911 say?”

“They said they knew where we were, someone would be there right away and for us to stay put!

“Well, that explains all the lights and sirens we met on the other edge of town.”

“Does that mean the Police will come looking for Randy?”

“Probably. What did the body look like?”

“It was under a blanket, propped up against one of the apple trees.”, volunteered Sean.

“Looked like a drunk from the rez. Nobody we knew. Couldn’t wake ‘em up”

“That’s when I told Randy to call 911.”

A pregnant silence took over for the rest of the ride home.

With Sean and Randy squirming in the back seat Edna was trying to piece together a believable tale if and when the Police got there.


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