MMM the search begins


“Dammit, Al. Stomach-pumping and analyzing the contents isn’t an autopsy. You gotta give me more than wine and meth. The DA isn’t gonna put up with your sociopsychobabble bullshit. Just because you’ve gotta an Indian on the table doesn’t mean he’s not entitled to due process. When can you give me the cause of death?”

“Well, since this department hasn’t been able to afford a Police Surgeon, I’ll call Doc Diamond and give him the honor. When he can get here I’ll file the results.”

“OK. I guess that’ll have to do for now. You know, Mac, I took this job thinking a sleepy town like Deer Park wouldn’t have crap like this going on.”

“A lotta folks on both sides of the border have made that same mistake, Ben. By the way do we know who called this in?”

“No, not yet. I’ll have to call 911 Ops and see what their system has”

The Emergency Call Center transcript indicated that from the time call came in on a mobile phone it had been tracked from the orchard as far as the Ford-Wellpinit junction. Contact was lost when the phone was either turned off or the battery died. The name on the transcript identified the initial caller as Randy Roadkill. Tracking the number brought up a different name on the mobile phone account.

“While we’re waiting for the ME report I’ll see what I can find out about the name on that account.”

“Roadkill and Running Eagle. Sounds interesting. What’s in a name, Ben?”

Ben’s cell phone search of the name produced Edna Running Eagle, Emergency Room Nurse, Tri-County Hospital, Deer Park, WA.

“Get in, Mac. We’ll swing over to the Hospital. She should still be at work.”

“Right. Maybe she can give us something to go on.”

The Police Vehicles Only parking spot at the Tri-County Hospital brought them directly into the Emergency Room entrance. They were greeted by the Triage Nurse’s,

“Can I help you?”

“We’re looking for Edna Running Eagle. Is she here this afternoon?”

“Is this an emergency?”

“No. We just need a minute for a couple a questions.”

“Then have a seat over there and I’ll check and see if she’s available.”







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