MMM waiting for the blow


Not finding anything but trees and bushes to shoot at, Randy had already wasted two of his last three BBs on a twisted trunk of one of the abandoned apple trees.

Whipping around, Randy shot his last BB at Sean.

Surprised by Randy’s slop shot, Sean fired back without aiming and hit Randy under his left eye.

“Sonovabitch! Whatya doing?”

“Ya hit me in the back. I was just returning fire!”

“You just missed my eye, asshole”

“Sorry, Man!”

“Yeah, right!”

Moving closer together again, Sean said,

“Whydya shoot that tree?”

“It looked like a bat hanging upside down.”

“Looked more like a broken branch with rotten apple on it. You’re always going off half-cocked.”

Practicing a perimeter sweep on the way back to the rendezvous point, Sean needed to interrupt the deadening silence.

“That pile of brush looks like somebody’s been out here with a chain-saw.”

“Waste of apple wood, but it probably burns good after it dries out.”

“What’s that on the other side?”


“Behind that clump of brush”

“Looks like an Indian blanket”

“I mean under it, dummy”

Lifting the edge of the blanket with the barrel of his gun,

“Holy shit! It doesn’t look very healthy!”

“Don’t touch’em”

“Damn! Let’s wake’em up. . . . Hey Chief. Wake up. It’s daylight. Open your eyes”

“The eyes are open, Randy. Better call 911”

Struggling to get his cell phone out of the back pocket of his cargo pants, Randy punched in 911.

The cell phone barked back,

“I’ve got your location. What’s going on?”

“We’re in the old orchard in Deer Park.”

“I know where you are. What do you need?”

“ We found a body and it looks dead.”

“Helps on the way. Stay where you are. EMT and Police will want more information.”

“Let’s get the hell outta here, Randy”

“They said, Stay Put, Sean!”

“No way, stupid. Mom’s waiting for us right now.”

When Medic One, Engine # 2 and the Police got there, Sean and Randy had already made it back to be picked up.

“I told you guys not to be late. I’ve been sitting here since 3:15.”

Neither thought it was a good idea to mention this latest adventure.

Sitting silently in the back seat of the Camaro, they were well past the hospital when Edna saw the lights, heard the sirens and pulled over for Medic one, Engine # 2 and the Deer Park Police Chief’s car.

“I wonder what that’s all about?”

“Yeah. I wonder.” said Sean as he elbowed Randy.

“Me, too.”

“Probably another DUI. There’s been a rash of them in the ER lately”

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