Last chance for stardom bows

Beginning in 2016, the UDASS under Stumpf was increasingly aggressive with strategic pre-planned military maneuvers meant to bully and intimidate. Threatening mayhem and massive destruction if certain demands for a reduction in defensive moves and a guarantee of submission were not met, the only option having any promise of peaceful co-existence seemed to be kowtow or be killed.

To date, any other national entity striving for parity with the UDASS is faced with the nearly impossible socio-economic task of development without going to war. All challengers of the supremacy of the UDASS to date have been subjugated, forced to surrender and relinquish control of resources in the name of democratic reform. Faced with a plethora of international threats and fears, many former allies are saying they have more to fear from Stumpf than from other powers like the DPRK. Overt or covert, with Stumpf and his ilk on the bridge and at the helm, the UDASS seems hell bent on world domination. Back to now hourly internal dissension in the UDASS, is reaching new heights daily. Any hope for improvement seems beyond the reach of responsible groups or individuals.

Until there exists an equality and balance of power and authority in any conflict there can be no diplomatic negotiation or resolution of any consequence. Continued conflict and confrontation will escalate and a peaceful outcome will be unattainable. Any agreements or relationships attempted will be based solely on threat and fear, intimidation and surrender, lies, deceit and continued aggressive posturing and defensive maneuvering. Armed with this understanding it is questionable why Stumpf still continues without a change of direction.

Most recent news reports indicate that in lieu of his usual threatening tweets, in a rambling and incoherent speech, Stumpf said his current security strategy is to fix economic security and would include rebuilding of UDASS roads and bridges and a wall along the southern border.

Also, Stumpf’s speech revealed a new national security strategy calling for Tajikistan to take action against terrorism. He said the UDASS specifically wants Tajiskistan to help fight Sunni sympathizers, and that the UDASS has “no other choice” than to deal with the DPRK nuclear and missile programs.

In conclusion, Stumpf said his new security strategy would also end mandatory defense spending limits, but did not mention if he had consulted with legislators to end the limits fixed in previous budget legislation. As an after thought he added, “We recognize that weakness is the surest path to conflict and unrivaled power is the most certain means of defense. For this reason, limiting how much we can spend on defense damages our security strategy. We’re going to get rid of that.”

Since the allegory continues without respite, resolution or any promise of positive change, the final day of 2017 is the last curtain call. As the curtain drops rational readers are encouraged to rush on for a bow or get to hell out of the theater of operations for 2018.


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