A slight digression for the sake of remembering.

After years of confrontation coupled with increasing tension and escalating threatening posturing on both sides, the UDASS assumed the position of “leader of the free world” by coming to terms with the USSR regarding the stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons of mass destruction. As a historical event that could be referred to as a promising resolution of the classical “ Mexican stand-off”, where nobody wins and everybody loses. As part of that assumption, the UDASS has taken on the role of defender of freedom and democratic decision making for the whole world. Other groups and organizations with various relationships have been enlisted to support these efforts as problems arose. Unfortunately, unilaterally and without organized thievery none have access to enough of the resources needed to accomplish enforcement of these objectives.

The recent UDASS single selection election process to choose the next President was also designed to measure IQ, psycho-social-emotional health, analytical reasoning, verbal-linguistic intelligence, social anxiety, values, self-esteem and integrity of each voter. Like all measurement instruments and counting devices the results were only revealed after the test had been administered. Since it was impossible to alter or in anyway change the vote, extreme caution was advised.

Current events are showing the results of the aforementioned nine items of societal norms measured and the consequences of the choices made by voters. News media of all sorts are rapidly and rabidly broadcasting and distributing reportage and the world is being bombarded with the results on a daily basis.

Apparently not enough voters grasped the risks involved in electing a political tumor for the office of President. As with any newly discovered cellular growth, outcomes are rarely predictable with of any degree of accuracy. The tumor may have a benign appearance and present an expectation of normal cellular behavior and still turn out to be malignant. Aggressive, metastatic characteristics or behaviors may initially sound like those of normal functioning cells and are often propagandized as progressing towards a desirable goal with beneficial results. Such behavior often offers great appeal to that part of the body politic who is stupid or willfully ignorant. They may see the tumor as acting in their best interests at the expense of others whom they mistrust and fear.

In the immediate now hourly internal dissension in the UDASS, is reaching new heights daily. Coupled with a plethora of international threats and fears, any hope for improvement seems beyond the reach of responsible groups or individuals.

To date, any other national entity striving for parity is faced with the nearly impossible socio-economic task of development without going to war. All challengers of the supremacy of the UDASS to date have been subjugated, forced to surrender and relinquish control of resources in the name of democratic reform.

Overt or covert, with Stumpf and his ilk on the bridge and at the helm, the UDASS seems hell bent on world domination.

Until there exists an equality and balance of power and authority in any conflict there can be no diplomatic negotiation or resolution of any consequence. Continued conflict and confrontation will escalate and a peaceful outcome will be unattainable. Any agreements or relationships attempted will be based solely on threat and fear, intimidation and surrender, lies, deceit and continued aggressive posturing and defensive maneuvering.

And so, “Who are you? You ask.”

I am the fool. The fool who in a moment of pique and phantasy dreamed that this rambling diatribe of wishes, wants, worries and needs might bring to the light of imagination a change, any change that might stand a chance of a snowball in Hell of moving the body politic to remove Stumpf.

A patriot once said, “United We Stand. Divided We Fall.” Another thoughtful observation might be “He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.” Are there still any safe choices to be made?



4 thoughts on “A slight digression for the sake of remembering.

  1. To answer the question you pose in the last sentence: No, there are no safe choices left. But were there ever?

    So, this sounds slightly depressing. Despondent even(?)

    Everything OK Mr. L?

    still enjoying your blog, Tom W


    • I was checking to see who was reading this attempt at allegory thing. My thought is always.expect the worst, hope for the best and take what comes; or wish in one hand, crap in the other and see which gets full fastest.


  2. To answer the question you pose in the last sentence: No, there are no safe choices left. But were there ever?

    So, this sounds slightly depressing. Despondent even? Everything OK Mr. L?

    still enjoying your blog, Tom W


    • I responded to this earlier, Tom, but not sure you got it. No despondency or desperation here; just the every day plodding along looking for the best in humanity. Recent cloudy and stupid social/political behaviors haven’t cleared yet


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