One Step in the Right Direction

Stumpf and his cronies continue to hornswoggle his so-called base. Reactionary and defensive tweets flood the social media sphere. These ruthless, ignorant and thoughtless attempts are intended to bamboozle the folks who are still blind to his manipulative maneuvering. Confusing the few who still think they are a majority on how much they know and what they don’t know is their normal MO. Everything related to current critical events and issues is fodder for their voracious appetite for publicity. This is the stuff in which historians will dig and revel. Knowing it now should make the rest of the UDASS apprehensive or at least concerned about outcomes.

Finding out what leaders know or don’t know is deeply disturbing. Discovery after the fact is simply too late to make a difference, because it ultimately costs lives. Making situations and issues obscure, abstruse, occluded and muddy means the right questions never get asked.

That’s not OK.

Asking the right questions might provoke or provide a solution to the urgent removal of the source of what daily appears to be the ultimate destruction of what is left of what we believed up to now has been the most promising version of a non-destructive social contractual compact.

In the words of an aging longshore stevedore who fell into the well of philosophy, people are obliged to play follow the leader. As long as the leader is honest, dedicated, determined and true to the constitutional goals and processes of an organized republic, some sort of safe and successful future can be expected.

However, when a leader strays from the intent and direction intended by the founders and the original document, the citizens of a civilized social republic are obligated to stop following and remove the leader. Finding a different one and moving in a different direction is essential to survival.

There is no room for interpretation as to who, what, when, where, or to whom the rights and responsibilities belong. Rights and their reciprocal responsibilities are part of the deal and the only real guarantee of the maintenance of safety and integrity of the republic.

Again, when in the course of human events a leader deviates, denies and defies the body politic, the citizens are mandated to separate themselves and leave the so-called leader in name only to leap or slide to his own destruction.


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