Risk Management?

As North Korea fired yet another missile over Japan, South Korean and Japanese officials said Yongyang’s last test of its missile with a nuclear warhead, was definitely not making matters easier.

The Global Security Council met later in the day to do more talking as the UDASS and Japan had requested. In response, North Korea immediately released a photo of their newest missile plan.

“Our latest test demonstrated that we can without a shadow of a dragon reach UDASS territories anytime we want.” Boasted UnPak in his last broadcast.

Stumpf’s rhetorical response tweeted, “Ha. Neener, neener, neener! You missed us.” And the United Battalion of Scared Civic Scientists reported that, “the accuracy of the missile isn’t very good.”

Even so, air raid sirens were set off automatically throughout the entire North Pacific region and a lot of folks got public service alerts on their cell phones and TVs telling them to “Drop and Cover.” Since this launch was the just another one of the same, most people just went about their business as usual.

” We didn’t expect the first one, but I think people are getting used to it said Manfred Mankewicz who teaches Yiddish as a second language at North Hokkaido University. “It just interrupted my first bathroom break”

The UDASS troops in the area reported that they had detected something in the air, but it didn’t seem to threaten any territories in the region and definitely not North America.

Stumpf and crew repeated his commitment to defend allies. Quentin Queeg, Secretary of Defense( Stumpf’s latest Executive Appointee ) called for “new sanctions” on North Korea and announced, “more launches will only make matters worse in the end.”

In his first speech on the Global Council floor, Stumpf threatened to annihilate North Korea if and when the UDASS is “ forced to defend itself. ”

Dum Dong UnPak responded by calling Stumpf’s rambling threats and pleadings for support to the Global Council by calling him “a scared and dangerous dog” and a “ hoodlum playing with matches”.

“Apart from saying anything to help resolve present situation, Stumpf made rude remarks, threats and comments we have never heard from any of the people he has replaced. The scared dog barks the loudest.” This was the first direct message to the world by any North Korean leader.

UnPak, whom Stumpf called “Missile Man” said the threat had been duly noted. And added, “I will make sure the man holding command in the UDASS pays for his speech calling for our destruction.”

His next press release was quite long and when translated, referred to Stumpf as a “botard” — an inscrutable insult for an old person who is here because he is not all there.

“We will fix the unstable UDASS botard with smoke and fire,” UnPak concluded.

A little later, North Korea reported that it just might test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific to fulfill UnPak’s promise to take action against the UDASS.

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