Currency of Change

The Daedelus Files

Current Events

Following more internal strife within Stumpf’s tilting and tottering tower, it’s imminent collapse seemed inevitable. Everyone on the planet that might be involved or affected all tried to protect their own best interests. Perhaps, whatever gods there be would grant a destiny that would be more protective than destructive. With any karma or Zen available at all, the ultimate outcome will be a loud implosion rather than a world-shaking explosion.

When the inevitable began and White Nationalist protesters clashed with counter-protesters in the UDASS officials declared a national emergency.

As the demonstrators, made up of Right Wing extremists and National Socialist sympathizers, showed up to protest the planned removal of a statue of a Civil War Confederate General, they were carrying flags, banners, rifles and night sticks resembling what the Stumfers had used to intimidate counter-protesters in the past. The disorganized and shapeless group was armed for bear…

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