And so the Allegory continues

In due time, continuing research by the investigating body uncovered more information to review.

The Russians were supposed to have released all German captives by 1956 and the Russians and Germans couldn’t agree on whether this happened or not. The alleged wrongful imprisonment of a German became an international issue and Daschle, now Dash became recognized internationally. Both Pravda and Der Spiegel found Dash a reason to stir up Nationalism again. Russian diplomats started a red herring campaign against the UDASS, accusing them of duplicity and hypocrisy. The parents of the real Arthur Dash accepted the impostor as their son – in spite of his eye color and lack of facial hair. Meanwhile, Dash became a popular item in the North Vietnamese press. Dum Dung Nuguen writing in the NoLife Magazine was making war noises.

Quentin Queeg had been a non-com and served with the real Daschle in the same motorized-artillery battalion during the second Oil War. Deciding to exploit the situation, Queeg organized a lecture tour in the UDASS where Dash gave several talks and received a couple of medals. Then Dash received honorary citizenship in the UDASS and was elected president of the Surviving Prisoners of Old Wars, usually referred to as the SPOOF. Queeg made tons of money by selling Dash merchandise and wrote a romance novella based on what he claimed was the real truth. There was some talk of someone in government making a documentary movie. Eventually, the Dash issue became a Republican propaganda story and resulted in Arthur Dash’s appointment and the establishment of the non-partisan cabinet.

Back to now; when the independent investigators, unable to get a unanimous decision, threw their hands up in desperation without reaching a summary judgment, it became clear that if Stumpf was to be dealt with, Dash would have to go.

At the next opportunity for public comment as Chair of the Cabinet, Dash began his diplomatic retreat. With nothing other than his need to stay out of prison he launched one of his rapid, staccato rants in yet another abortive attempt to salvage what was left of Stumpf’s waning public image and reputation. Hermann Goebbels would have been proud.

However, when Stumpf heard the broadcast on the TV, his one word tweet resounded around the planet and beyond. “FIRED!”

Staying out of prison for Arthur Dash now would be more problematic. Fortunately, for him and the rest of the populace of the UDASS, with support for the Strumpfers dropping by the minute, he was assured of having a lot of company.

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