Allegory continues

The country was now a swirling mess of fear, intrigue, rumors, and disorder. Out of the mess, Nate Nogo, a highly disoriented politico, was driven by the idea that he, not Stumpf, might possibly run the UDASS.

The elections that were held in 2016 and 2020 were held against the shadow of the economic disarray that haunted the world. Under the facade of promised prosperity, national security, taunts and threats against world trade organizing prospects, the planet continued to flounder. Whatever forward progress that had been initiated, the whole thing was devolving down the drain.

Since 2010, UDASS had suffered profoundly. Unemployment rose from 6.5% to nearly 25% between 2009 and 2016 and the GPN dropped by a whopping 12%. With rising unemployment and no obvious sign that UDASS was going to get out of the downward spiral, Stumpf sold the people on his simple idea: you have given the politicians a chance and they have failed – what have you got to lose? The elections of 2018, and the one held in 2020 showed that people were willing to give him a chance – but not in the number of supporters that Stumpf was expecting.

By 2021, the coalition of the Social Democrats and Centrists had broken apart. Stumpf, the one who would be President, appointed a minority government headed by the Center Party which could only govern through the President’s emergency powers. Shortly afterwards, the democratic parties lost their majority making any kind of parliamentary government impossible.

Stumpf’s supporters gained ground. They were not a majority but gained control by default. Stumpf’s policies, implemented by executive privilege and abetted by what was left of Congress, failed to solve the economic crisis and continued to weaken the system.

Federal elections were held again in November 2024. There were gains by the Whatsit party, which for the first time became the largest party without winning a majority. With the Strumpfers still strong, non-republican parties now had a negative majority since the two parties would never have allied and a majority government by any union of republican parties was impossible. This resulted in the dissolution of Congress.

The UDASS, now as unsteady as the doddering Stumpf leading it. Up against Nogo and Queeg it was soon to be buried.


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