Clarification and Ablution

When I made up the word “miscegnate”, I was trying to sum up and make fun of the inhumanity of a character. But by doing so, I was required to relearn a very important linguistics lesson. It’s not a good idea to grunt and point when you need more detailed sounds to make your point.

I was trying to describe a gender, color, crypto-credo, pseudo-political, asocial, sexual-preference confused, species mix.

I imagined an orange-crowned, red-ass, baboon-sized male ape taking a flying fuck at and mounting a mid-sized albino female ass. The results were obviously not a racial mongrel, but turned out be a genetically modified, yellow-topped, striped ass, politically ambitious, squealer species mix.

I’m pretty sure that’s what happened.

Sorry for the confusion.

In retrospect and reflection, I believe some languages are just more precise and clearer than others. It may be that’s why the German language has so many really long, multi-syllabic sounding words. The German genetic linguistic has an inherent need to be precise. An obsession with science, mathematics and music may account for this.

The English language having become so widely accepted suggests a modified example of the old maxim that says, “When you try to please all, you fail to please any.”

Hence, “When you try to communicate with everyone, you will probably fail to communicate with anyone.”

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