Postpartum depression and anxiety

Now in obvious contradiction to the findings of their search and discover mission, Manny and Selma and the entire galaxy is facing a catastrophic societal regressive political movement. A loud, obnoxious and aggressive miscegnated throwback is in the process of leading a backward retreat. His terminal need for a radical optirectomy has enabled him to assemble an armed cabinet of cohorts of likeminded fools. Personally selected by him, he and his ilk are hell-bent on destroying what is left of civilization, as it has been known it to be. Made up of shame, guilt and ill-intent, their apparent goal is to change the status quo to a state where wrong is right and right is wrong and good and evil are indistinguishable from one another.

At best, Manny and Selma and their progeny’s future in the galaxy is muddy and clouded. The Milky Way shines with indifference. Rights and responsibilities are up for grabs and completely out of balance.

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