Epilogue – In Defense of Reason

“Can I read you a couple of sentences from my thesis abstract notes, Manny?”

“I probably won’t get it, but you can give it a try.”

“For logic to serve the purpose of good the hypothesis must have a good goal.”

“That sounds logical to me.”

“OK then; is it possible to know right from wrong and not do anything to fix it?”

“According to your paper, how much doing is required to validate knowing?”

“Well, I’ve concluded that the deepest rut in the road to the body of knowledge is, “Don’t bother with that. Everybody already knows that.” It leads to an even deeper rut and inevitable pothole called, “That’s common knowledge.” These impediments to discovery will puncture the tires of your interest and break the axle of your curiosity.”

“So, what on earth kept you going?”

“I invented a new categorical imperative archetype called AAE. That’s short for Anarchical Agnostic Existentialists. They are a disorganized group of folks, who agree that no one should be in charge, don’t know what they believe but agree to accept whatever it is regardless of what it is.”

“That’s a serious mouthful.”

“Right! And standing in stark contrast to this enlightened way of thinking, there still exists a mutant and virulent strain of religious thinking that has evolved from the stoning of women to honor killing, burning at the stake, female circumcision, beheading, branding and excommunication to list but a few of the more heinous forms of misogyny and shunning.”

Armed with Selma’s manifesto and Manny’s commitment to the marriage, they became uncommitted attenders at the South Valley Unitarian group convening regularly at 6876 South Highland Drive in Salt Lake City.

Selma got her degree, Manny became regional manager for Walmart and the family that began in the Netherlands grew.

Mark Jacob Marano, conceived in Leiden at the Rode Huis was born in Salt Lake City. He grew to be a boy soprano, turned tenor at the appropriate time and served apprenticeships at St Madeline’s de Sofia and a teen age Cantor at a Synagogue.

Sarah, the second child was born at the VU ziekenhuis in Amstelveen, NL while Selma was on a university lecture tour. Mortimer, conceived in mid-air or maybe just a gift from God was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, when Dr. Selma Edelstein-Marano, was scheduled to present a one day Seminar on Plasma Philosophy at UCLA.

The trip from the campus to the hospital took about fifteen minutes and the delivery went well. When Selma, the baby and the proud father got back to the campus, the public address system in the lecture hall announced their return and the resumption of the Seminar.

“The topic for this afternoon’s program is Plasma Philosophy – The Survival Manual, subtitled, Plasmatic Survival – the what, why and how of survival for life as we know it.”

“We assume you have all had access to the pre-study vocabulary for this afternoon’s presentation. The list will be on the overhead projector for your reference during the Doctor’s remarks.”

Atomic fission,

Fission: separation, divide, splitting of atomic nucleus to release energy

Hydrogen fusion.

Fusion: Syntheses, combine, mix, blend, meld

Categorical imperative

Dialectic: tension between conflicting ideas

Dialectic diffusion or dissolution

Debate resolving conflict

Investigation of truth through discussion

Socratic method for revealing truth

Hegelian process


Dissemination – intermingling of substances—spread of cultural features


Conclusion, ending, act of breaking something down.


Speed, temperature – – – shot in the dark, incubation, gestation


On the short hop flight home from LAX; the aircraft reached cruising altitude and the turbo-jet relaxed. Manny was trying to wrap his head around the previous days events.

“I just had a thought. . . “

“He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous.”

“Seriously, Selma. When we were in Amsterdam and I was looking for an imaginary inheritance, it was the wild goose chase scam that brought me you.”

Her pause for dramatic effect was quite a bit longer than usual.

“And . . .when we were in Leiden and searching for facts to substantiate ultimate and absolute truth, I was finally forced to accept that in reality, plasma has got to be better than no blood at all.”

And so it went, on and on, until here and now became there and then.

The Great Salt Lake turned blue from the ashes of all the Saints, who from their labours rest. The processional hymn written by the Anglican Bishop of Wakefield in 1864 and sung by the world-renowned Church of the Latter Day Saints Tabernacle Choir accompanied by E. Power Biggs on the Temple organ to the tune of Sine Nomine by Ralph Vaughn Williams echoed throughout the valley.

And the whole big blue marble confessed they didn’t really know what the hell was going on.

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