One more giant step

With one small overnight bag each, Selma’s briefcase, U.S. passports, nothing to declare and both of them obviously white, clearing customs was a breeze. It took maybe twenty minutes at the most and they were on their way to airport long-term parking to get Manny’s 1979 Datsun pickup.

“Let’s drive by the Courthouse and see if we can get the Marriage License.”

“Good idea and we need to stop by the bank, too”

“Shall we spend the night at your place or mine?”

“What a great straight line.”

“Yeah, and . . . ?”

“Here’s the punch line, Manny. If you want to argue about it, we’ll just forget the darn whole thing.” . . . “Joke.”

When they stopped at the State Street branch of the Bank of Utah they picked up some cash, checked on the balance of Selma’s Inheritance Fund from the sale of the Dead Sheep Saloon, the status of Manny’s checking account to see if Walmart had deposited his vacation pay and see if all of the charges from their time abroad had cleared.

Although both were calm and collected on the outside, on the inside the reality of their impending union was slowly sinking in and making them a bit on edge.

Back in the pickup, as Manny started the engine,

“I guess it’s the Court house next, right?”

Selma was still adding and subtracting money numbers in her head.

As Manny backed into the parking spot in front of the Court House on South State Street, Selma managed to mutter,

“I wonder if there’s a waiting period.”

As it turned out, the Marriage License fee was only $50.00. It was good for 30 days and usable immediately.

After using their passports for identification and filling out the paperwork, Manny plunked down the fifty dollars and they made an appointment for the next day for the ceremony in the Clerk’s office.

The simple ceremony at the Court House with the Clerk of the Superior Court officiating didn’t take very long. With a volunteer from the previous ceremony for one witness and the second floor janitor for the other it took about a half hour, including the vows, the ring exchange and official signing of the documents to validate the union.

Playing a mixed-up game of marital gambling requires not only a warped sense of humor but most importantly it depends upon a substantial degree of long term commitment often not available to many dreamy-eyed lovers.

Fortunately for these two middle-aged marital misfits, they were both bountifully endowed with both attributes.

Sound strategies that are concrete and concise with clear objectives and goals that are worthy, achievable and not made out of the vapory mist of dreams and thin air can sometimes guarantee success. Even the most awkward and unpredictable outcomes become possible for couples like Selma Edelstein and Manny Marrano.

By the end of their first month back, things were beginning to fall in place.

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