The ultimatum

As the trays went up and Flight 6027 began its descent, Selma broke the stagnating silence by thinking out loud;

“ Lauren Emmanuel Marrano, right?”

“Right. Why so formal, Selma?”

“Over the last few days we’ve shared and bared our thoughts, feelings, ideas, souls and bodies, Manny.”

“Yes, I know we have, so what are you saying?”

“Well, We’ll be on the ground soon and I haven’t heard a word from you about how long you think this relationship might go on or not.”

“Well, since I haven’t been able to imagine my life without you, I’ve just been thinking about a simple wedding for starters.”


“Yes, really.”

“Without even asking me?”

“I thought, you already knew how I felt and what I was thinking, Selma.”

“Well, if you don’t say something, I don’t know what you’re thinking. So, what I’m saying is, no saying, no playing!”

“That’s the rules?”

“Yes, Manny. Games without rules are only played by fools.”

After a long and thoughtful pause for dramatic effect, Manny answered.

“OK, then. Selma Edelstein will you marry me?”

“Do you mean before you get back to work at Walmart or after I finish my Doctorate?”

“Yes! I mean before all that. I know those things are important to our future, but together we’ll be just great and everything else right now is the least of my concerns. Until I hear you say yes, my brain just keeps spinning around like a propeller out of water.”

“Return to your seats and put them in the forward position. Fasten your seat belts and prepare for landing. We are making our final approach and will be on the ground soon. Passengers are reminded to stay in your seats and leave your luggage in the overhead compartments until the aircraft has come to a complete stop and is in the dock for unloading.”



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