Cinnamon toast and deviled eggs

Frozen in time, tombstone still, a deafening silence raced through the cabin. First class, business class and no class brains in atrial fibrillation and imaginations cavitating in a muddy morass of unimaginable consequences.

Normal cabin noise rising with a crescendo roar until being scared out of one’s wits became a cliché sinking to a compounded profound depth.

The sudden silence turned into tense and traumatizing terror and Manny became painfully aware of Selma’s fingernails biting into the soft flesh of his forearm.

After ten or twenty lifetime termed seconds the intercom blared again. This time the sound was in unmistakable cultured Dutch.

“Goede Morgen, Dames and Heeren. Mijn naam is Remi Voelker. Ik ben jouw Senior Flight Attendant van Appeldorn.” Continuing in English, “Our apologies for the scary wakeup. It sounds like our Dutch humor backfired this time.”

Then from the cockpit, “This is Captain Johann Sanderdijk. You may rest assured that this aircraft was never under control by anyone other the crew KLM provided for your trip. We are on schedule on the route provide by air traffic control and expect to land in Salt Lake City at 11:35 AM local time.”

As Selma’s vise grip began to relax, Manny rubbed the circulation back into his arm.

Their fellow travelers comments ranged from,  “Wow! What a rude awakening.” to

“I don’t think that was the least bit funny or entertaining.”

“Did we pay extra for that?”

“Maybe someone in First Class ordered it to break the boredom of the trip.”

“I can’t even remember the movie they were showing.”

“Hi, friendly passengers. This is Remi Voelker again. Our flight attendants will be picking up your pillows and blankets now. Please put your seats forward and you trays down. We will be serving a kleine ontbijt before sending you on the next leg of your journey.”

“ I wonder what they’re serving for breakfast, dear.”

“It looks like a slice of cheese on a piece of toast and a couple of deviled eggs, my love.”

“I hope the coffee is hot. I’m not fully awake yet.”

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