Chemistry fundamentals and then some

Flying sometimes frees the mind and gives access to a different dimension. Restless downtime can alter perceptions. When perception challenges conceptions, then the synthetic substantive result can authenticate the bonding of an ideological compound.

After a couple of elapsed hours of review and deliberation, Selma’s thoughts began to congeal, change shape and solidify. She was struggling with how to synthesize a combination of Spinoza’s conceptual understanding and conclusions with the Puritan’s precepts of freedom from dogma and render it as a recognizable compound.

She needed to create a substance consisting of genetically modified molecular semantic material first. Then it would need to be artificially inseminated or at least prepared for transfusion into the existing body of knowledge. Giving it a name would be essential in order for it to be accepted by both the scientific and philosophical factions of the world’s academic community.

Maybe if she could find or invent some alternative forms of each elemental notion at the atomic level, like isotopes they could be used to achieve the synthesis.

The danger, of course, would be that the results of the experiment might turn out to be some sort of colloidal suspension or worse, simply turn into a mixture that would separate over time.

It was essential and imperative to the process that the two elements/ideas be bonded by a measurable change of properties of each in order to set it apart from a mixture.

As Selma slid the briefcase back under Manny’s seat he jerked awake and the intercom blared. It was voice neither of them recognized or could identify.

It was English with a touch of Dutch but with a syllabic rhythm that might be Farsi, Hindi or Arabic. Since the verb was at the end of the garbled and guttural blurb, it could also be German or even Russian.

“KLM Flight 6027 now under SLF control is.”

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