Altitude and attitude to burn

As the aircraft reached cruising altitude and leveled off the seat belt sign also went off. The Flight attendants readied the cabin for dispensing a midnight snack and beverage.

Although the rest of the passengers were Dutch, their conversations in English confirmed that many of them were recent converts to Joseph Smith’s LDS version of Roman Catholic Christianity. Apparently, they were on a pilgrimage to Salt Lake City and planning to visit the Temple and look into their genealogy.

With their trays down, Manny and Selma settled down to watch the inflight movie.

The woman in the aisle seat of row 35 turned to Selma and said,

“I’m tired of the news and cartoons. What do you think they’ll show this time?”

The overhead announcement answered the question,

“The Captain has chosen Godfather Two for tonight’s show, folks. He says it’s an epic classic and hopes you enjoy it as much as he always does.”

Selma and Manny had both seen it more than once but resigned themselves to one more time since they had a nine-hour sit and wait ahead.

As the convoluted plot wore on, each flashback was made seamless by Selma’s unique narrative editorial glue.

“You know, Manny, in classical mythology and biblical references, God’s avenger was Michael, the Imprecatory Angel. He was available to answer prayers by delivering true justice.”

“Maybe, the Andolinis, Corleones and all those other Mafioso were all good Catholics after all.”

“Not so loud, that may offend some of our fellow travelers.”

Each ensuing episode/scene was accompanied by an occasional noncommittal grunt from Manny.

By the time the story got to Michael Corleone finding out that his older brother, Alfredo had made a deal behind his back with Hymie Roth that was going to impact his plans for operating in Las Vegas, Manny was beginning to yawn loudly.

Then when Michael, the Avenger gave Alfredo the kiss of death and had him shot. Meanwhile Michael was attending church for a family baptism and Manny was fast asleep and snoring quietly.

Since she already knew the ending and was bored beyond the obvious from the last time she watched Godfather Two, Selma thought this might be a good time to review her notes on Spinoza and the Pilgrims before she fell asleep.

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