Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

As traffic began to clump up, it became apparent that some of the cars ahead were moving to the right lane and exiting. The blinking overhead traffic advisory signs were all in Dutch and might as well have been in Greek as far as Manny and Selma were concerned. The car radio likewise was no help.

The speed of the remaining cars and trucks slowed down rapidly as they got closer to the source of the delay.

“Manny, maybe we should get off the highway, too, and try to find an alternate route.”

“We’ve got a flight to catch.”

When the file abruptly ground to a complete stop, the car radio crackled and began to babel in tongues.

“Attendez, Achtung, Attention! Amber Alert! This an emergency bulletin interrupting our regular programming.”

They didn’t understand the first announcement in French or the second one in German. The third repetition in Dutch-clipped English began with:

“An unknown suspect dressed in a purple abaya-burka, with a multi-colored Hijab and Khimar and wearing noisy spike-heeled shoes has been seen in the main terminal of Schipol International Airport. After disembarking from EgyptAir, Flight #757 from Cairo at 3:10 PM the suspect disappeared in the crowd of other passengers moving towards the United Airlines departure gate. Airport Security and NL Military Police have isolated and cordoned off the Departure level. Anyone in the immediate area is advised to find a safe place. The order to drop, cover and stay in place in accordance with the posted personal safety requirements is in effect. The remainder of the Terminal is in lockdown and will remain so until more information on the possible threat is acquired.”

“Holy crap!”

“I guess that means we won’t be leaving on time.”

“Right. I wonder if it’s a jihadist suicide bomber looking for a ticket to heaven and his seven virgins or maybe just a runaway Muslim woman looking for asylum.”

“Manny, how on earth can you find humor in this situation?”

“I wonder where the detonator is.”


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