The results of searching and researching

After two hours of fumbling and frustration on the computer screens, Manny and Selma reconnected outside the Internet café in the alley. Comparing their findings if any was essential in light of their different goals and objectives.

Those two hours were the longest time of being apart that their tenuous relationship had endured. Both felt a compelling need to reaffirm their togetherness before moving on in what might turn out to be different directions.

“What did you find?”

“ I spent the whole hour trying to locate and trace the addresses on the letter I’m carrying. After all, that’s why I’m here. How did you make out?”

“Well, I spent most of the time looking for stuff that I might be able to use for my dissertation.”


“ I found a place in Leiden that has archived a lot of documents on or about Baruch Espinoza. He was or is arguably considered to be the most radical of the modern thinkers. I think a closer look might prove fruitful for my needs. What did you actually discover, Manny?”

“ I got a big fat zero as far as the locations of lawyer’s office and the court records. It looks I’ll have to go to the Amsterdam Stadhuis to see if they even exist. I guess the one thing I learned was that City Hall in this place is called the Stadhuis.”

“OK, then. Where shall we go first?”

For their second night in Amsterdam, they settled for taking a cab to the Hotel Albert located across from the Sarphati Park at number 58.They checked in and went upstairs to look at the room they bought on the Internet. Of course as one might suspect it bore little resemblance to what they had seen online and it had a broken toilet seat.



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