Cabin lights up

After the movie, the Captain turned the cabin lights up. Several other passengers were lining up at the restrooms for their turn to perform what would normally be their early morning rituals in order to be socially and publicly acceptable.

Manny was still not fully awake and his eyes were still closed. His nose detected the faint scent of what his memory recalled as his mother’s Chanel # 5. It was mixed delicately with his own Aqua Velva aftershave. As his unshaven left cheek discovered the touch of the tousled tight curls, his ears also became aware of the slowed rhythm of her relaxed breathing accompanied by a quiet snortling sound. Wanting to prolong the moment of multi-sensory feeling, he continued to lie still as a stone.

Selma, in her aisle seat slowly wakes to find the support of his shoulder comforting and warm. Stifling her yawning gasp for more oxygen, she starts with,

“Sorry. I fell asleep. I guess I forgot where I was. I must have been unconscious.”

Manny’s hesitant response was the result of his not being able to decide which role he was playing. His sleepy brain began to function. Let’s see, was it John Wayne or the Casual Australian? He finally settled for the deeper drawl. Clearing his throat for a more manly sound, he manages,

“ No worries, Selma. I hope you rested well.”

“ Oh yes. I did, indeed. Thanks to the little pillow the flight attendant gave me and your available shoulder.”

“Well, they often say, a little sleep does a body good. No pun intended.”

Although being asleep in close physical proximity in a commercial airplane wasn’t exactly the same as what is normally called sleeping together; both Selma and Manny realized that given the last few sleepy moments of their situation, it was at least one small step for all mankind in that direction for them.

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