Nap time

Although not yet a relationship, Selma and Manny’s inane conversations had caused them to evolve from casual acquaintenances into a bona-fide recognizable association. They were alike in many ways and just different enough to maintain and develop their curiosity and interest in each other.

After about five hours of intermittent talking interspersed with short sessions of snoozing and silence, they were both ready for a more extended rest. They both decided almost simultaneously that what they were talking about was not only boring to the other person, but to themselves, as well.

“ Wow; we’ve been underway for almost five hours now. “

“ Yeah. Are we having fun yet? “

“ Well, talking to you has been a fun way to spend the time for me, but are you, by any chance, getting sleepy? “

“ Yes, I guess I am. I can hardly keep my eyes open. “

“ Well I’m going to need one of those blue blankets, though. I usually can’t get to sleep without being covered over with something. “

“ I’ll ask the Flight Attendant for one the next time she comes by. “

When the attendant brought the blanket, Selma gratefully took it and began her normal bedtime ritual. With the blanket neatly tucked around her neck and stretched to accommodate her ankles, she quickly fell soundly asleep.

Manny, on the other hand, with no blanket, twisted and turned rapidly from side to side trying to relax without disturbing his fellow traveler. Stretching his seat back as far as it would go, he finally managed to fall asleep in a more or less seated position.

Fortunately, for all concerned, they both were able to sleep through the onboard showing of “Whiplash”. The yelling and drumming of the sound track didn’t wake them. Neither had their ear buds on.

With several hours of flying time left to go, there was still more time for questions and discovery.

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