Travel talk

“ Except for a couple of family vacations to Disneyland and Lake Havasu, I’ve been one of the slower denizens of Salt Lake City, too. Graduated from Highland High and went to Westminster College on a Tennis Scholarship. Played a lot of tennis with mediocre results and gave up after six semesters. I was twenty credits short of a BA in not much of anything and with no major in sight and no idea of what I was interested in, I joined the Utah National Guard. After a two summers of what substituted for basic training and two more years of showing up for work, I finished my enlistment as a Private first Class in a Ground-pounder unit. Have you had enough? “

“ No, No, Please go on. “

“ Well, I understand you’re Jewish and my family was Catholic by choice as far as I ever knew. That’s Roman Catholic not Mormon Catholic. I imagine a scholar of your caliber has read somewhere that the word catholic just means universal and no one seems to be able to agree on which universe it is. Anyway, we were so catholic that I think the early Maranos helped build the church of St. Mary Magdalene and were big contributors to the construction of Cathedral of the Magdalene, way back in 1899. Incidentally, have you ever read any of Dan Brown’s books? “

“ Do you mean the Da Vinci Code? “

“ Yes, and Monsters and Demons, I think, was another one. I guess the research wasn’t up to academic standards, but I found them interesting. ”

It was slowly sinking in. Selma wasn’t particularly interested in the stuff that Manny was talking about, but she was enjoying the sound of his voice. It was melodic, rhythmic and mellifluous . . . poetic even.

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