Tales of the Dead Sheep Saloon and Coda

For several years and thousands of kegs and bottles the Dead Sheep Saloon was a thriving provider of entertainment and social interaction for a very diverse bunch of people; Gentiles of all sorts, Mormons and non-believers regularly congregated for fun and games and to support Sam Edelstein’s dream.

During all those intervening years with Sam and Muriel busy downstairs in the bar, Selma was able to finish high school and college. Unfortunately or not depending on your point of view, she was never able to find any nice Jewish boys that weren’t Momma’s boys. So rather than marry and become a Jewish Momma, she opted to go to Brigham Young University for a Doctorate in Philosophy before the old folks passed on to their greater reward.

Thus ending another small change chapter in this sanguine saga of yet more shit and giggles.

CODA – – – Misc. selected reviews from the past

1. The Dead Sheep is closed. I found it again a few days ago while visiting Salt Lake. It sounded so cool. When my friends and I got there, we were sad to see that it was out of business.

2. Who would have thought that Salt Lake CIty would be home to a bar once rated as one of the top 10 dive bars in the country.

3. When I was in high school, I often walked by it. I always wanted to go in, but wasn’t old enough. My folks moved away when I went to college. When I came back for my high school reunion I checked it out with my friend Pam. We drank a lot of cheap beer. I remember that the clientele was friendly and the staff was great. It was a memorable evening that started off at the Dead Sheep Saloon.

4. When this place was open it was the spot for national blues and jazz acts. Many visitors from all over the world would search for this place just to stop in for t-shirts for them and their friends.

5. The Dead Sheep Saloon was a great dive bar for beer, music, and fun. I found it on a business trip about twenty years ago and never missed a visit when traveling to Salt Lake City. It will be missed.

6. Goodbye Dead Sheep. This former occasional patron will miss you but I’ve still got a cool t-shirt!

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