The opened letter again

Here’s the letter again:

May 30, 2014

MEMO: Postbus Correspondancier
Laurierstraat 17
Amsterdam, NL, CZ8013

TO: Laurance Emmanuel Marrano
31745 NE 424th Street
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Mijnheer Marrano

Where as, you, Laurance Emmanuel Marrano have been identified as the Principal and Sole Heir and Beneficiary of the Estate of one Ben Jamin Bartolis, deceased and

Where as, the entire estate consists of Netherlands Secured Government Bonds totaling twenty five million Euros (Face Value) and Real Properties in various locations throughout North Holland, South Holland, Groningen and Gelderland Provinces currently appraised at seventeen million Euros;

You are hereby notified that Probate Court proceedings require that you appear in person in Amsterdam, NL on or before December 31, 2015 or relinquish all rights thereto. In the event of you or your representative not being in compliance, all proceeds will become the property of the Government and the Netherlands National Treasury.

Respectfully yours,

Hans Bankhuysen, Deputy Director
Cronen,Ruskin, Abrams & Pulanski, LLC
ABN-ARO Securities Division – ING
14 Churchillaan III
Amsterdam, NL CZ1760

Skipping over the maze of details, Manny arrived at a revelation. It looked like he was about to embark on what could be a life-changing chain of events. In his wildest dreams he never could have anticipated this stuff. Blind-sided by the realization that the ultimate truth of the contents of the letter was about to make him and his heirs an important part of what the rest of humanity has only known as the Chosen.

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