According to Wikipedia, an Epigram is a brief, interesting, memorable and sometimes interesting or satirical statement. It has been used as a literary device for over two millennia.

Pragmatism, i.e. practicality doesn’t always result in the right solution. It is motivated by a prescient demand by the one who is sure that their goals and objectives are being guaranteed by ending the dialectic.

Those persons who aspire to political power by rising out of the phoenix ashes of the aristocracy have no positive models for behavior. Greed, selfish misuse of power, authority and resources that should be used for the common good are not. Be they sacred or secular, that unfortunately is the historical reality. Both groups and individuals, Kings or Popes and their corporate hierarchies are always the result of individual ambition.

To recognize the point in a conversation when you, your remarks and presence are no longer needed or wanted requires a higher level of intelligence than most of humankind ever achieves. To recognize and accept the rejection and realize that what you are thinking is none the less true than what has brought the conversation to that point is part of that higher level of understanding and reasoning.

When volcanoes blow, tidal waves flow and fire in a forest burns unchecked it’s obvious that in the realm of catacyclism and catastrophe, humankind is an amateur playing a game of self-destruction without the wit, means or intelligence to compete.

It wasn’t curiosity that killed the cat. It was not knowing, not wanting to know, not caring and ultimately fear that did it. As someone once remarked, “What you don’t know can kill you.”

Hypocrisy somehow always manages to transcend the established boundaries and lines drawn in the sand of race, religion, ethnicity, gender and geo-political divisions.

Only in matters of real consequence, where living or dying is a clear choice, the best and final answer is always reserved for the right question, yet to be asked.
In matters of knowledge, skills or any combination thereof, wise and truly sophisticated is the person who recognizes, learns and remembers truth in spite of indoctrination, education or any notion of physical, intellectual, psycho-emotional or philosophical babble bullshit.

No matter how inviting, intimidating or erudite it may sound, precedent is no reason or excuse for bad behavior.

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