Ambition as Catalyst

In a crucible of possible positive changes, ambition often wears the mask of a catalyst. It pretends to be a bonding agent that provides energy and driving force to the process, when its real motive and ultimate desire is to run away with the result.

In the process of an idea becoming reality, ambition subverts or diverts the generated propulsive energy of launch in a downward spiral of a pivotal volatile vortex of a more immediate and often tragic end. Ironically, this frequently occurs towards the end of the trajectory and near the intended target. This is due to the diminishing energy of the force driving the initial idea.

When the pull of the gravity of the impulse that spawned the idea in the first place and the fact that the propulsive energy and excitement originally generated by the value of the idea or remedy is nearly spent coupled with the speed of impatience of ambition, whatever benefits that might have occurred are destroyed by the resulting tragedy.

What often seems to happen is, some asshole shows up with a plan of action based on some small part of a seemingly sensible story. Then armed with a substantial amount of capital of various sorts and a lot of political support coupled with all the best intentions in the world; they just go ahead and fuck up the whole thing.

Game over, Man.

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