After never wanting to be a teacher and after teaching for 38 years I retired. For the past decade or so I have been teaching as a long-term substitute to support my wife of 52 years and myself. With her loving help and support, through all that time, we had 5 children to raise and educate with the aid of the public school system.
On a daily basis, with help of the internet, we hear from many successful people all over the world that I met as students over the years. And you know what? Some of the most successful are the ones that lived in our home until they were ready to live somewhere else.
Upon reflection, I think a profession is what you think, believe and do, not a service, trade or a job. And an education, be it for a profession, trade, job or task, can be learned if one wants to bad enough and can learn to pay attention, practice and live long enough.
Most of our lives are limited by what we can’t imagine and what we refuse to believe.

2 thoughts on “Definitions

  1. As a young college freshman, when I told you I was majoring in music education you told me to avoid the education department courses. I took you up on your advice. I took everything from writing, to business management, psychology, philosophy, computer programming, and the works of Tolkien. They all came into play when I taught because, even though I was teaching music, more than anything a teacher is an example and powerful influence on the lives of students. You were a great influence on me. Thanks.


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